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How We Organize Our Mornings

April 17, 2023 11:03 PM | Jeanne Fox Alston (Administrator)

Janet Schiesl

Basic Organization

A morning routine can get the day off to a good start. Although every morning routine will look different, it’s important to have one. Here are some tips from the Basic Organization team, about how they organize their mornings.

Janet empties the dishwasher as her coffee brews. That way everyone in the house knows that the dishwasher is ready for dirty dishes all day long. Communication and rules are important amongst household members to maintain order.

Sue puts on her workout gear first thing and then starts a load of wash when she gets up in the morning. She stays on top of the regular chore of laundry and gets her exercise in. A win, win.

Patti has a calming meditation session to begin her morning followed by feeding her cherished pets.  Walking her dog in the morning is one of her favorite things to do. Taking care of yourself helps you take care of others.

Denene makes her bed as soon as she wakes up.  It feels good to start her day off right, and it sets the tone for a very organized day ahead.  Having routines will help you maintain organization throughout your home.

Lori starts the night before by getting her clothes ready for that early a.m. appointment.  No need for her to worry about looking for something to wear at the last minute.  Forward-thinking at its best!

Sandy is early to bed and then early to rise.  She gets most of her household chores done before the rest of us open our eyes.  Her schedule puts her one step ahead of everyone else.

Candy checks her emails and calendar first thing so she is on task for the day.  Being mindful of your daily to-do’s is a great start.

Michelle tidies up her bedroom by making the bed, throwing open the blinds, putting clothes in the hamper, etc. It takes her only 5 minutes and helps her accomplish more small tasks like this throughout the day. Great setup for more success later!

Rouba’s routine also starts the night before, with a clean and spotless kitchen. In the morning, she relaxes with her coffee while catching up with the news and weather.  How many of you enjoy starting the day with a nice warm cup of coffee?

Jennifer packs lunches, snacks, and water bottles for school and work. All three of her kids are responsible for packing their lunches while she and her husband are there to assist if needed.  Horray to teaching the youngsters responsibility!

Stephanie makes a note of what specific things she’s grateful for every morning. She keeps her phone far from her bed and uses her watch as her alarm. This way, she doesn’t look at her notifications until she’s ready. Way to start the day on her terms! Not reacting to the incoming messages and demands of the world, helps her stay grounded and keeps her on task with her priorities for that day.

These are the ways we organize our mornings and maintain organization in our homes.  How about you?

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