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Curated Design

June 27, 2022 5:19 PM | Jeanne Fox Alston (Administrator)

Samara Goodman

Samara Interiors

Have you ever wondered how to incorporate family heirlooms and sentimental furnishings into your home decor in a way that looks updated and intentional? At Samara Interiors, we love expertly blending old and new items to create beautifully curated design. 


Curated design appears as though the decor has been collected over time and put together with a sophisticated design eye rather than overly planned and straight off of a catalogue page. Well-curated interiors are carefully and intentionally pulled together. This Thoughtful  planning results in interiors that reflect the homeowners personality, a.k.a. client-centered design, and with clients loving their spaces. One client told us that they "feel happy every morning" when they come downstairs and see the space we designed. Another client told us that they feel relaxed each time they arrive home and open their front door. Other phrases, such as "It's so us!" and "I love that my grandmother's chair in that new fabric works in my space," let us know that we have accomplished this goal.


What is the difference between antique and vintage items? Put simply, an ANTIQUE is an item that is at least 100 years old. VINTAGE refers to a younger item, typically at least 20 years old. In the article 'New Uses for Old Things' in Worthwhile magazine, Sarah Reeder of Artifactual History Appraisal offers fantastic suggestions on how the most commonly encountered antique and vintage furnishings can be repurposed in a new way. In the well-curated living room below, we strategically mixed the client's INHERITED items, such as the stunning art and beautiful dark wood furniture, with a contemporary rug, sofa, and custom-designed new fireplace. In the art-inspired dining room beneath, the client's antique grandfather clock was just the right size to flank the doorway in perfect balance with the modern artwork. Bonus – having sentimental pieces such as these invokes meaningful memories.


Creating a well-curated look involves thoughtfully picking out new furnishings and mixing them with older items such as art, furniture, and accessories. Often, these are items that you already own and love. The 'How To Incorporate' box below highlights our top three tips. For a one-page GUIDE with specific examples on blending the old and new, please see this Samara Interiors Decor Guide.


When a client does not already own antique or vintage decor, we rely on the Samara Interiors 'Design Style Assessment' to determine the client's design likes, dislikes, and style. This allows us to acquire antique and/or vintage decor that reflects the client's personal taste. Starting with a BLANK SLATE  is a 'problem' that we love to solve! It allows us to shop in some of our favorite places such as auctions, vintage shops, and antique shows. For many clients, we seek out original art that complements their style and elevates the depth of the decor, such as in the images below.


This phrase, attributed to the British sitcom Ab Fab, is a fun one to keep in mind when decorating. To us, this humorously captures the principle that a home looks best when it appears as though it has been curated over time. Not every home needs furnishings that are technically older than the homeowner, but a well-curated home will definitely not look as though all furnishings were recently produced and purchased. 

For more information, contact Samara Goodman.

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