Do you really want to sell your home?

December 16, 2019 9:34 PM | Anonymous

Carolyn Thompson, Real Estate Search and Sale

December 16, 2019

Recently I met with a client to sell her home.

My client said she’d like to sell in about a year. She said that she wants time to get her house ready and prepare her kids emotionally for the move. Currently, the house is a great fit for her family and in a convenient location. Her sons enjoy where they live. It helps them stay grounded and moving would be a difficult transition.

It’s essential to understand why someone is considering buying or selling a home so I may provide prudent guidance.

In this scenario, my potential seller said that her home was too much to manage. She was overwhelmed with yard maintenance, home repairs, and lack of organization.  I lined someone up to manage her landscaping. My real estate company, Real Estate Search and Sale, provides an extensive plan for property repairs and maintenance. Now thanks to Silvia Baleras, Your Life Simplified, LLC for introducing me to NAPO I now have a plethora of specialists available to, manage, organize, stage and perform dozens of additional services to help my clients. This is beneficial to my clients whether they elect to stay in their current home or transition to a new home.

My company, Real Estate Search and Sale does not charge to create plans for maintenance, repairs, cleaning, and staging.  It is our goal to help people be as happy as possible in the space they already have, and only move when necessary.

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