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Resolution – Sometimes “Getting Organized” is Not Enough

January 12, 2018 12:18 PM | Anonymous

By Heather Cocozza, PMP, CPO

If your New Year’s Resolution is to “Get Organized,” I applaud you and support you!

There is a word of caution, for some the goal to Get Organized is not enough. Think of the 3-year old always asking WHY? WHY do you want to get organized? WHAT’s the payoff? WHAT’s the driver?  For example, is the reason:

To Make More Money? – You want to be more efficient at work.  You want to spend less time looking for things and less time on administrative tasks, so you can focus on the core revenue stream of your business and make more money,

To Be in Control? – Do you sometimes feel a loss of control over your office environment where you are in a reactive mode instead of a proactive mode?  Do you yearn for a greater sense of control where you know where everything is when you need it?  Do you crave order, but you’re working in chaos?

To Save Money? – How much did you rack up in finance charge and late fees this year? Are you trying to tighten your budget?  Do you find yourself buying duplicate items because you can’t find the original one?

Understanding the driver behind your goal will help you get through the tough spots and provide that extra boost of motivation to see the goal through to the end!

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