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Rightsizing Your Life!

March 19, 2024 11:01 AM | Janet Schiesl, CPO® (Administrator)

by Janet Schiesl

Basic Organization

I am giving a presentation today on Downsizing for Seniors. The dreaded D-word!

But what does that mean, Downsizing? Instead of thinking of eliminating things from your life and closing doors on your past, Don’t make it negative. Make it a positive experience. Call it Rightsizing! Make your life, your space, and your schedule, work for your life now and in the future.

Your home is not the same as it was years ago, before children. Neither is your time or the demands on your schedule. It probably isn’t even the same as when you had the kids at home. At least it’s quieter now, I bet. Look at this time of your life as your chance to make your life all about you. Focus on quality, not quantity. Treat yourself like you are the most important person in the picture. Bet that’s hard, but try.

Start looking at your home and your life focusing on the future. How do you want to live the next 5 to 10 years? Are you tired of cooking and want to dine out more? Are you tired of climbing the stairs? Maybe rearranging rooms in your home would make sense. One day of chaos in your home and paying some movers is worth years of no stair climbing. I think so! Maybe it’s time to focus on a hobby you never had time for. Get started. Eliminate what you don’t need so you have space for what you want. Get started Rightsizing your life!

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