Member Benefits

The National Association of Professional Organizers - Washington DC Metro Chapter (NAPO-WDC) is committed to serving the needs of its members and of the organizing profession through

  • Promoting high professional standards
  • Ongoing professional development of members
  • Increasing public awareness of the profession
  • Partnering between:
    • NAPO-WDC and NAPO National
    • Veteran members and new members
    • Professional Organizers and Corporate Associate Members

Benefits of Chapter Membership

Credibility with Clients

Membership and leadership in NAPO-WDC demonstrates to prospective clients that:

  • You care about your profession
  • You are willing to participate in the development of your industry

Continuing Education

Learning is a life-long process! Certification is now a reality and continuing education is critical for NAPO members.  NAPO-WDC offers 10 monthly meetings each year which include some educational opportunities.

    Directory and Website

    Our Chapter's website ( and POINT member listserve give you quick access to other chapter members for:

    • Client referrals
    • Service recommendations
    • An extra boost of confidence
    • Coaching
    • Mentoring
    • Additional assistance on a project

    Personal & Professional Support

    Stumped by an organizing problem or client?  No energy to accomplish your own business goals?  One-on-one interaction in chapter activities creates opportunities to reach out and develop close friendships with colleagues who understand your profession.

    Small Group Collegiality

    Take part in our Arlington and Route 66 Neighborhood groups, or join the Maryland and Virginia Book Clubs for a more intimate opportunity to connect with fellow organizers.

    Networking Opportunities

    Networking is critical to:

    • Staying on top of your game
    • Counter the issues of professional isolation

    Other qualified colleagues in your area can help you:

    • Receive or give client referrals
    • Provide professional resources
    • Strengthen personal and professional support systems


    Chapters participate in activities that generate local media interest.  A savvy professional organizer joins forces with the NAPO-WDC chapter to take advantage of those opportunities.


    NAPO-WDC offers its members a chance to be involved:

    • As an officer, director, or other volunteer
    • By sharing and developing your leadership skills as you promote our industry

    Chapter Library & Swap Table

    NAPO-WDC has books, CDs & other NAPO National conference recordings available:

    • For loan to chapter members
    • To stream from your device
    • To prepare for the professional certification exam
    • To increase your knowledge about relevant issues
    • To swap with other members

    Stay Informed

    • Stay informed about issues relevant to your business and your clients
    • Write an article or blog post

    Membership Inquiries

    The Washington DC Metro Chapter of NAPO, NAPO-WDC, serves the greater Washington DC Metro area. For more information about becoming a member of NAPO-WDC, please contact

    Membership in NAPO National is a prerequisite for NAPO-WDC membership. If you are not currently a NAPO National member, click here to join.

    As part of the membership process, you must agree to abide by the NAPO Code of EthicsIf you wish to become a NAPO-WDC member, please go to the Member ApplicationFind the appropriate membership level and fill out the form online. 


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