Corporate Associate Member Benefits

Who are NAPO-WDC Corporate Associate Members?

CAMs represent businesses that offer products or services that professional organizers and their clients need. They are strategic partners who can benefit from meeting, networking, and working with NAPO chapter members.

What are the benefits of Being a Corporate Associate Member?

  • Networking: As a CAM, you are invited to attend our monthly NAPO-WDC meeting, where you will meet and get to know many organizers who can refer you to their clients.
  • Introductions: CAMs have the opportunity to give a 30-second “infomercial” at every meeting.
  • Spotlight Presentation: Every year, each CAM can do a 3-minute spotlight presentation to give the members a better understanding of the services they provide.
  • Yearly CAM Panel Program gives CAMs added visibility
  • Board Representation: One CAM sits on the NAPO board as Director of Corporate Associate Members
  • Volunteer: Join the chapter members for volunteer opportunities, such as GO (Get Organized) Month
  • Display your brochures and marketing materials at every NAPO meeting
  • Listing in the CAM directory on the NAPO-WDC chapter website, including your headshot, logo, and website link
  • NAPO Logo: Add the NAPO logo to your website and marketing materials for increased visibility and credibility
  • Chapter POINT: Be part of our online message board
  • Education: Each NAPO-WDC meeting features an educational program on either an organizing or business subject

Are you a good fit as a NAPO-WDC Corporate Associate Member? Join us now! For cost and registration information, click here

For further information on NAPO-WDC Corporate Associate Membership, please contact our Director of Corporate Associate Membership

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